The 3 Most Scenic Hiking Trails in New Mexico

May 16th, 2016 by

DesertNew Mexico is home to many awesome trails for both beginner and experienced hikers. Take a look at these three most scenic hiking trails you should try.

Yapashi Ruins Trail

If you want a difficult hike, the Yapashi Ruins Trail is steep and relentless. This ancient Native-American route is 6 miles up and 6 miles back. However, the sights are worth the effort as you reach the mesa and then hike into a smaller canyon. Finally, you reach the “sacred enclosure” where the ruins of the Cochiti Pueblo people are found. The trailhead begins in Bandelier National Monument where there is a visitor center.

La Luz Trail

One of the most popular trails in New Mexico is the La Luz Trail. It is 8 miles one way and then you can take an aerial tramway back to the beginning. It’s a difficult hike with a steep grade that reaches 4,000 feet. This provides an excellent view of the city below, as well as varying flora and fauna as the elevation climbs.

Gavilan Trail

A shorter trail for experienced hikers is the Gavilan Trail. It is 2.5 miles each way in New Mexico’s Taos County. You reach the trailhead from Carson National Forest. When you get to the peak of the Gavilan Trail, you have an awesome view of the entire state. Plus, during the summer, wild flowers bloom all through the summer, creating a scenic route.

Other trails in New Mexico that deserve honorable mentions are the Dripping Springs Trail, the Gila Loop Trail, Sierra Ladrones, and Trampas Lakes Trail. Each offers different scenery and varying levels of difficulty.

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