3 Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment

April 15th, 2016 by

Wheel AlignmentEven if you aren’t going off road, your vehicle will fall out of alignment from time to time. This means the vehicle’s suspension system is not in the optimal position to manage how tires connect with the pavement. When alignment is off, your vehicle’s tires experience excessive wear and your driving experience is compromised. It’s a good idea to get your car realigned every 6,000 miles. But you may need to do it sooner if you experience any of these three problems.

Tire Wear

One way to tell whether it’s time to have your car aligned is to check your tire treads periodically. A car with an alignment problem will have one or two tires with treads that have bald spots. This results from the suspension system putting too much load on those tires instead of balancing it equally over all four wheels.

A Vehicle That Veers

When you’re on a straight stretch of highway, does your vehicle drift to the right or left? If it does, this is a strong indication you have an alignment problem. When vehicles are properly aligned, there’s little or no drift on a flat, straight road. Another way to evaluate the car’s tendency to veer is if you notice yourself hold the steering wheel off center to keep the car going straight.

Unexpected Shakiness

Another symptom of a misaligned car shows up in the literal handling of the steering wheel. It will shake or vibrate when the tires are not aligned properly, especially when speeding up on a highway.

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