3 Ways to Keep Your Car Cleaner in the Desert

May 16th, 2016 by

Desert Road
If you live in the desert, you probably feel like your car always needs to be washed all the time. There are things you can do to keep your car cleaner longer. Take a look at these three time-saving tips.

Apply a Coat of Wax Every Time You Get a Car Wash
Cars get dirty really fast when you live in the desert because there is more dirt in the dry air. If you don’t wash your car frequently, a film of dirt builds up. You can prevent this from happening as quickly by applying a coat of wax every time you wash your car. Dirt will fall off and water will bead up, keeping your car cleaner longer.

Don’t Air-dry Your Car or Wash in the Heat
Too many people make the mistake of washing their cars and immediately driving them around the block to dry them off. This leaves unsightly watermarks and absorbs dirt from the air. Your car will look cleaner longer if you use a rag to dry your car before driving around. In addition, avoid washing your car after it has sat in the heat of the desert too long. It’s easier to get splotches this way because the water and soap dry too quickly before you have time to use a rag.

Knock Your Shoes Before Getting in Your Car
Shoes get really dirty when you walk around in a desert landscape. You track this dirt into your car and you end up needing to vacuum more often. You can help your car stay cleaner longer by knocking your shoes before getting into your car.
These are just a few ideas to help your car stay clean when you live in the desert. You should also clean up messes quickly, avoid eating in your car, and store your car in a garage to help.

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