4 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Toyota

June 22nd, 2016 by

ToytoaToyota built its reputation in America as being a dependable brand. Their cars gained status for getting great gas mileage and being consistently top-rated for safety features. These attributes are pretty well-known qualities attached to the Toyota brand name. Just for fun, here a few Toyota facts you may not have heard.

Toyota Textiles

Did you know the famous Toyota auto brand started off as a division of the main company, Toyota Industries’ Textile Machinery Business? That’s right. The Toyota Group’s roots go back to the renowned Japanese inventor, Sakichi Toyoda, and his invention of the automatic loom. The company still exists to this day, with its major function being the development, manufacture, and sales of textile machinery. Their two main categories include spinning and weaving machinery.

Lucky Eight

The company’s name changed from Sakichi Toyoda’s spelling to Toyota. This is because in the Japanese script, the name takes eight strokes to write. In Eastern Asian culture, eight is a lucky number.

Built to Last

While it was stated earlier that part of the Toyota legend includes a legacy for their durability and mechanical greatness, it is still worth mentioning that 80 percent of Toyotas built 20 years ago are still on the road today!

Green Brand

Who knew Toyotas were so environmentally friendly? Toyota weighs in as a serious competitor in the green crowd. Ranked No. 1 by some surveys, Toyota cares for the earth.

Well done, Toyota, well done. We knew that Toyotas were good, but the history behind the name tells a good story, too.

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