4 Myths About the Toyota Prius that Have Been Debunked

August 19th, 2016 by

PriusThe Toyota Prius first came out in 1997 and helped to change the way everyone thinks about cars. Although it is the best-selling hybrid car in the world, there are some myths about the popular vehicle. Here are some of the myths, debunked.

1. The Batteries Wear Out Quickly

The current models use a nickel-metal hydride battery or a lithium-ion battery. Both of these technologies will last for many years and many miles. There are some Prius drivers who have the first-generation vehicle with the original battery still going strong.

2. It Has a Limited Range

The Hybrid Prius has no limited range. It uses both the battery and a gas engine to go more than 500 miles. Drivers do not have to worry about the range since the Prius does not plug in; it charges the battery while you drive, so you can just keep going.

3. You Have to Plug It In

You don’t plug in the Prius. The battery charges when you decelerate or brake the vehicle. There has never been a plug-in Prius, although one is in the works.

4. The Prius Is Harmful to the Environment

The basis for this myth comes from the misconception that you will need to replace the battery several times over the life of the car. Since one battery will last for many years and it doesn’t burn as much fuel, it is better for the environment.

The Prius is a good choice for the environment and it is also fun to drive. Take one for a spin today.

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