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Buddies of the Month Aug 2017Toyota of Santa Fe is proud to feature 5 of our Buddies this month.


Aspen Leaf returns from Florida where she helped us to set up the new dealership in St Augustine.   Aspen was the one we all went to with our questions.  In fact, he’s been a master certified Toyota sales representative nearly all of his 18 years in the business!    Aspen is famous for his videos where he’s demonstrated the differences between different Makes and Models.   He’s back and here to help you find your next dream car, truck or suv!  Please join us in welcoming Aspen back home.  Email Aspen.



Anyone out missing a certain blonde with a southern accent? Well, she’s back! Probably not the blonde you were thinking about, but one that’s helped a lot of New Mexicans find their next car, truck or sport utility vehicle. Audrey Allison is back at Toyota of Santa Fe!

There’s just something about Toyota of Santa Fe that keeps bringing people back. If you’ve been happy here before and leave for bigger and better opportunities; there’s always a chance you’ll return. This dealership is family. Coming back is just like coming home.

Audrey moved to Santa Fe about a year after Sauter Toyota became Beaver Toyota. She left shortly before Beaver Toyota became Toyota of Santa Fe. So, things are a little different, but not so much in her mind. Most of her favorite people are still here. One thing that’s changed is that she’s now the Assistant General Sales Manager. When she left, she was one of four sales managers. Audrey’s time away has allowed her to see everything with a new perspective.

When she was a general manager of another dealership, Audrey became heavily involved in the Santa Fe Community. She continues many of those relationships, including being a Big Sister to a now eleven year old with four siblings.

Anyone that’s worked in the car business awhile will have some valuable insight in selecting your next vehicle. So we asked Audrey about her preferred Toyotas.

Audrey has four kids—her dogs. When traveling with them, she prefers the pet friendly RAV4 because it’s smaller so her dogs aren’t far from her. It also has seats that will lay flat for pet carriers.

Audrey owns a horse and a motorcycle so sometimes transport is an issue. Because of this, she prefers a vehicle with the ability to haul and to tow. Audrey’s favorites are the FJ Cruiser and the 4Runner. Both have a unique look and ride that she appreciates. Email Audrey.



On August 1, 2017, Toyota of Santa Fe lost one of its most beloved employees—and more importantly, great friends—with the passing of Andy Palmer. Andy was cherished by coworker and customer alike. Colleague Buddy Espinosa said it best:

“Anyone who knew Andy, knew he was the salt of the earth type of person. He was gentle and had strong integrity, honesty and was an overall wonderful person. I am personally very saddened today to have lost a friend.”

We all are. Thank you, Andy, for your years of tireless service, understanding and kindness. Our condolences and best wishes go out to Andy’s family—from his family at Toyota of Santa Fe.



Please join us in welcoming our newest service advisor, Ken Jaramillo. Ken has a strong background in the auto industry, beginning in sales before working as a service advisor for a tire franchise.

Ken shared a tip on tires for New Mexico. He says that the recommended tire pressure on vehicles is based on sea level. Higher elevations, such as ours, require about 10% more pressure.

Ken is a native New Mexican and proud father of 2 children. He’s an avid outdoorsman that enjoys quality time with his friends and family.  Email Ken





Samantha Naranjo (Sam) is one of the senior associates in the accounting department at Toyota of Santa Fe. Her colleagues consider her an important resource when issues arise because she has worked in so many areas of the department. The comptroller appreciates her flexibility in being able to perform almost any task assigned to her.

Sam has always been very popular with the staff for her upbeat attitude and great sense of humor. So when her car was stolen several years ago, the staff took a collection to replace it and the dealership matched it. That’s how she ended up with her 2015 Corolla which she loves. Her favorite things about her car are the great gas mileage and the backup camera.

Sam comes from a family of artists. Her brother and grandparents are well known artists on the plaza. Sam can also do pottery, draw and paint.  Email Sam



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