How to Choose Between a Minivan and SUV

April 15th, 2016 by

Tough DecisionMany families face a tough choice when it’s time to buy a new car: go with a minivan or purchase an SUV. A variety of factors including your family’s size, how much you travel, and where you typically travel influence the decision you make. Check out these tips to help you choose between a minivan and SUV.

Getting Around Town

If your family primarily travels in and around urban and suburban areas, you may want to choose a minivan. In general, minivans have better fuel economy than SUVs, both in cities and on highways. This is a key consideration because it will have a direct impact on your family’s finances in the coming years.

Travel to Remote Locations

For families that enjoy heading to the mountains or going into wilderness areas, the SUV is the clear choice. Most minivans do not have the tires nor frame to traverse rough, uneven terrain.

Family Size

Larger families are better off choosing a minivan. With most models offering third row seating, a feature available in only a few SUVs, minivans provide ample seating. In addition, minivans usually have more cabin space to make children comfortable on long rides. The trade-off is that the cargo areas of minivans are not as generous as you find on SUVs.

Cargo Hauling

Some sports and outdoor equipment can pose a challenge to a minivan’s cargo space. Any family that hauls bulky gear such as hockey sticks, soccer goals, and tents is likely to prefer the extended cargo options available on SUVs.

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