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Your car won’t start?  Or maybe you just started to notice the lights are dim.  Lucky for you, batteries or one of the areas included in your multipoint inspection.   Or better yet, take advantage of our coupon good towards a more extensive battery check.   Manufactured to Toyota’s exacting standards for quality and performance, these batteries offer the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) for reliable performance regardless of climate. Toyota TrueStart™ batteries have been approved by Toyota engineers for years of trouble-free service and no one knows your Toyota better than they do. Schedule your appointment at Toyota of Santa Fe to have your battery serviced or replaced. We will also properly dispose of your old battery to help conserve our environment!


Toyota TrueStart battery.

Its Also Bad to No Use Your Battery.

Due to Covid19 ‘stay at home’ orders until recently, most of us didn’t spend a lot of time in our vehicles. AND when we do, its for very brief periods. As a result, a lot of us might have had to replace our battery.


Your battery may wear out before its time if you take too many short drives. The battery puts out the most power when starting the car. Shutting off your vehicle before the alternator has a chance to recharge could explain why the battery continues dying or doesn’t seem to last long.
Your vehicle works most efficiently as the engine warms up. Allowing the engine to reach operating temperatures aids in keeping it healthy.

Sitting Still

Just because you turned off your vehicle, doesn’t mean it stop losing power. If your car has an alarm system, it’s enough to discharge the battery in around 10 days in the winter, and about 20 days in the summer.


The solution is obvious, you need to keep that battery charged.

How Long and How Often

At least once a week, turn on your vehicle and drive it. The entire trip including idling should be at least 20 minutes. Yes, its ok to let your car idle for a few minutes.

Battery Check

During one of those trips, come see us. Below is a coupon for a free battery check!

Toyota Brakes

Why replace with Toyota TrueStart batteries?

  • Toyota TrueStart batteries meet or exceed Toyota specifications for all vehicles, and are the approved batteries for warranty repair
  • Warranty service available at over 1,200 Toyota dealers nationwide

How often is replacement needed?

  • Battery testing is recommended at each regular service visit

Indicators replacement may be needed:

  • Age of battery
  • Corrosion, stains, or buildup around terminals
  • After a jump-start or a long period of battery inactivity
  • Sluggish vehicle start, especially during periods of extreme hot or cold temperatures

Where you live can adversely affect your battery life. Hot weather causes batteries to drain faster. If you live in the northern states, your expected battery life is typically 4-6 years. If you live in the south, your expected battery life can be 2-3 years.


Need a new battery?

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Our Main Service Department on St Michaels specializes in Toyotas and Scions. Our Express Maintainance Facility on Cerrillos roads services all makes and models.

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