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ADVANTAGE #3 No Charge Car Search . If We Don’t Have What You Want, We’ll Help You to Find It.  We just need to know what you want!!

  • We can shop over 6000 vehicles from dealers in our group.
  • We will add you to our local shopping list .
  • Plus we are still taking pre-orders for your new Toyota.
3We’re part of a dealer group that gives us a huge selection of inventory. We now have access to up to 6000 used vehicles through our Sonic Automotive Group.    As we shop used inventory – we can add your preference to our list.    You also have the option of custom ordering your new Toyota.
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    How Long does it take

    The timeframe for your custom order to be delivered tends to vary and depends on a variety of factors including the specific model and where the vehicle will be assembled. During the chip shortage, please expect additional delays. In general, Back orders, schedules, time of year, shipping, and pick-up location all factor into how long it takes. When we are not in chip shortage, this generally ranges from three weeks to three months, with some taking as long as six months. Our team will keep you informed throughout the build process.

    Is a Deposit required?

    Yes. A deposit  is needed before your order can be placed. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the specific vehicle and any custom assets you want. If you intend to place a down payment on your new vehicle or purchase the vehicle outright, this deposit can be applied towards that. If you plan to finance or lease 100% of the vehicle, the deposit will be returned to you in full or partially once your contract is signed and you take delivery of the vehicle.

    Can it Be done online or over the phone?

    Yes. Our team is standing by to help you complete and submit your custom ordered Toyota via phone or internet. We do suggest that you come see your exterior color of choice in person prior to ordering to ensure it lives up to your expectations.

    Will my vehicle will be eligible for special rebates, lease incentives, or other special offers?

    At the time your order is placed, the price of your vehicle will be determined. Since incentive programs and rebates change from month to month, we can only provide you with an estimate regarding your potential monthly payment. However, once we know the month that your vehicle will be delivered — you will be able to take advantage of current programs and incentives at that time.

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