The Best 3 Places to Go Off-Roading Near Santa Fe

July 29th, 2016 by

2016 TacomaTaking your truck or SUV on an off-road adventure is a great way to spend the day. There are many trails and roads you can traverse near Santa Fe with a variety of terrain. Here are some of the best places for your day of off-roading.

Around Santa Fe

Caja del Río

About 8 miles west of Santa Fe in the Santa Fe National Forest. Watch out for the fairly large ‘sink hole” that makes this one extremely dangerous. The trail itself is about 25 miles long and takes approximately 5 ours to complete.

Cedro Peak

This is a shorter trail if you don’t have a full day for riding. It starts at Chamiso Canyon Rd right off NM 337. Stop at the ranger station on NM 337 before hitting the trails to pick up a map to help you stay on track. This is an easier ride with some side obstacles. Keep an eye out for bikes and quads along the way.

Peggy Mesa to Redtop

Start this trip at NM 485 right off NM 4. You’ll turn onto Forest Road 652, where you’ll find a rocky and rutted road to navigate. Once you hit Forest Road 534, the road is better maintained, and the ride smooths out.

Other Places in New Mexico

Monticello Canyon

Start your trip at the trailhead northwest of Monticello, where state Route 142 branches off from NM 52. You can drive through the ruins of a United States outpost and along Apache land. If you run into closed gates, you can open them as long as you close them after you go through. This trail has varied terrain including some water crossings.

Go with a Group

New Mexico has loads of avid offroaders. Or sign up for a tour.×4-by-fun/off-road-adventures/

These are just a few of the places to choose from for an off-roading trip near Santa Fe. There are many other canyons and trails to explore in the area.


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A few key things to remember to keep your offroad vehicle safe and happy.

Keep it Clean

Offroad vehicles need more than the standard carwash after a big trip. Be sure to also wash underneath and within the engine compartment.

Check your vehicle thoroughly before and after

Be sure to always do a thorough check for damage after every trip.

Get your vehicle inspected regularly by a service professional

Make sure to let your service advisor know you use this vehicle for offroading.

Be aware of where you are and know your limits


Please be safe. We strongly recommend you get your vehicle inspected first. If you are new to offroading, there’s a lot of precautions to keep in mind. Sign up for one of many tours available to familiarize yourself. Go with a group.
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